Noi and Nok Sarika are the only two children of Samai Sarika and his wife Pin. Samai and Pin lived in the agricultural provinces west of Bangkok where Samai was employed in the sugar industry. Seasonal fluctuations in agricultural profitability created hard times and uncertainty. This vulnerability was something Samai and Pin wanted to free their children from and they strived selflessly for every opportunity to give them the best in education.

Noi graduated from Chiengmai University with a Batchelor of Science Degree and began working with the Ministry of Health in Bangkok.

Nok, on the other hand, studied engineering at King Mongkut University and successfully gradu- ated with a Degree in Applied Engineering. Following this Nok had a year of technical experience in Ales, France, under an international student exchange scheme.

The parents relaxed as their endeavours had ensured the professional security for their children that they had never had.

Beneath this calm, however, brewed a new ferment as Noi and Nok dreamed of an arena in life that was to be based on their creative instincts, not just their professional discipline. In France Nok became inspired with fashion design and communicated relentlessly with Noi about a new dream he had. Ironically this corresponded with Noi’s ambitions.

After hours both took on extra education in Fashion Design and Business Management, including in Nok’s case, time at the London College of Fashion. Noi included a Masters course in Journalism and Communication at Thammasart University as well as pattern making at the Pakorn Institute of Dressmaking and Fashion Design.

Brother and sister both took out Golden Awards for fashion design and pattern drafting, respectively, at the Pakorn Institute.

Finally the caution needed to be released to the wind and Noi and Nok nervously began their adventure into Fashion Design.

After only 5 years Modern Pin has become a leading house of fashion in Thailand. Visiting the premises today you gain little idea from the relaxed, though industrious, surroundings of the many years of highly disciplined endeavour that went into creating such a distinguished business.

Some day at Modern Pin, you will find a mild state of disbelief, amused and confounded how life can defy the best of plans and produce beauty and success beyond any expectation.